Meet Ruth en Nadia. Both young, ambitious woman with big dreams. They met during a business event a few years ago that Nadia was hosting. Ruth approached Nadia there to ask her a few questions about entrepreneurship and networking in Rotterdam, because she recently moved to the city center. Their paths didn’t cross again untill late 2021, when they decided to catch up and talk about how they’d grown their companies. During their conversation they realized they had one thing in common: they missed a creative place in Rotterdam to host workshops, photoshoots and more. A place that not only looked pretty, but also had endless possibilities to create at your fullest potential. And that… was the birth of Studio Two Space.

Meet Ruth de Bruijn, a 23 year old interior designer with a passion for finding the perfect color.

Ruth is thé interior lover you need in your life: she knows all about colors, space and design. As a young woman of 15, she started using her love for interior design to inspire others with decorating their homes. Her goal is to design an interior where you can feel at your best. To do so, she takes a lot of time to really get to know you. She always calls herself a psychologist. She firmly believes that your personality is what makes your home, home. In her spare time she loves to be with friends and family and they are the reason why she does what she loves. With her dad being a contractor, she learned from a young age how to deal with design problems, how to paint and how to match colors. And those colors, is what makes her business so unique. She has her own taste that includes combining daring colors others wouldn’t have thought of, but she can also work from a clients perspective and keep her designs calm and soothing. And that says a lot about Ruth’s bubbly personality. There’s not a single person she can’t have fun or a good conversation with. You can take a guess what her role is at Studio Two Space. Ruth took a lot of time to search for fitting interior companies that align with the goal of Studio Two Space. She created an atmosphere where creativity is endless.

Meet Nadia Bozic, a 26 year old photographer and multiple businessowner with a passion for finding solutions.

Nadia, on the other hand, knows all about photography. As a kid, she was always busy being creative and at 14 she made her first money by doing photoshoots. She’s a true do-gooder. She likes to think about new strategies, branding, marketing and storytelling. One of Nadia’s assets is that she has built a worldwide network of millennials and young professionals, due to her love for travel and photography. She loves to bring people together and firmly believes that she cannot change the world alone, but can create a positive impact on the world together with others. She loves working hard, but smart. Oh, and she loves cooking too! Especially for others. She is the CEO of a growing company and owns two other small businesses. In her spare time she loves reading books, preferably non-fiction, painting and drawing, playing the piano or cooking for friends and family: her friends love to call her a feeder. Before COVID, she traveled at least five months a year, but now she spends most of her time at her office in Rotterdam; working on improving Studio Two Space. Her mother loves her being ‘close to home’, but she can’t wait to travel again. Her role in Studio Two Space is based on photography. As a fashion photographer, she knows all about light, locations and posing. She’s always thinking about creative solutions and since both Ruth and Nadia were missing a creative hotspot in Rotterdam, they created Studio Two Space.