Daglicht studio Rotterdam

Thank you for choosing us! Select your time slot down below. For more information about sun hours and the shoot location scroll down.

Read before you shoot

One of our hosts will always be present to open and close the studio. Always wait for them before leaving the building, unless communicated otherwise.
The studio is all yours

When you book the studio, the studio is all yours. That means you have the responsibility for your own team and guests. Check our house rules for more information and send it to your team!

Sun hours

The sun wanders the room from morning ’till noon. In the morning, the sun shines upon the living room; starting on the arches. As the sun rises, the shadows will move towards the ground. By the end of the day, the last sunrays will be visible in the bedroom and the kitchen. Whether you choose to play with shadows or not, the brightness in the room is always good enough to work with.

Guide to Studio Two Space
The studio is located at a building called ‘De Wasserij’. Once you enter the front door, go to the right, end of the hallway and up the stairs (second floor). We will be there at your scheduled time to welcome you and your team. Traveling with public transport? Station Noord is just a 5 minute walk and both tram 8 & 4 stop around the corner at stop “Soetendaalseweg”. Our address is: Sint Agathastraat 54 3037SH in Rotterdam. Unit: 2.2
Good to know

Studio Two Space is located on the second floor. We do not have an elevator, so you can only take ‘the stairs to heaven’! Keep that in mind!

Front door
During weekdays, the front door of ‘De Wasserij’ will always be open between 08:30 and 18:00. After that, you need a key.
Time slots

You can book our studio for a time slot of 2, 4 or 8 hours during the day. The time slots are available between 08:30-17:30 every day.


The price for 2 hours is 225,- excl VAT. The price for 4 hours is 350,- excl VAT and the price for 8 hours is 599,- excl VAT. Keep in mind that 2 hour bookings are only available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Extra shoot time
Do you need some extra time to wrap up your shoot or end your meeting? No problem. If there’s room available after your scheduled time slot, you can book some extra time in the studio for an additional fee of 50,- excl VAT per 30 minutes. The price will be calculated per half an hour.
Parking is possible in the area, but, unfortunately, you’re not allowed to park on the private property of De Wasserij. If you would like to drop off some stuff, you can park the car in front of the door for a brief moment. After that, you can look for a parking spot near De Wasserij. Costs for parking are: 1,75 per hour.
Kitchen / food and drinks
Our kitchen is a showroom model, which means it does not work. We do provide fresh water, tea and delicious coffee and we do have a fridge that works, which you can use to keep things fresh and cool.
Shoes-off policy
In our studio, we kindly ask all visitors to take off their shoes when entering the studio, to keep everything clean and neat.
We have a clothing rack + steamer available for use. Also, you can freely use the Create&Co styling boards for product photography.
Daglicht studio Rotterdam

Please kindly note that we are renovating our studio in March.

After that the studio will have another look. Our agenda is closed from the 27th of February till the 27th of March.